Crescent Capital Holdings

Tenant Lease/Purchase Single Family Home Funds (100% Equity)

Target Cash Flow Return: 3%+

Target IRR: 11%

Distribution Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Structure: Asset Directed Investor Owned LLC

Express Interest

Crescent Capital Holdings is now accepting a new round of capital funding partners for its residential tenant lease/purchase single family home opportunities with 100% equity investment. The following is a brief overview of the opportunity for your review:

  • Each package consists of a group of residential properties with strong lease/purchase tenant agreements in place on or before property closing on the property with significant lease purchase option receipts;
  • We focus on properties in metro markets including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, and Cleveland; however, we will consider options in most states in the continental United States with the following exceptions: excluding California, Florida and New York. Typically, we do not acquire in markets with a population of less than 300,000;
  • Two to three-year lease purchase term A high historical percentage of tenants exercise the lease purchase by the end a two to three-year term; and
  • Integrated property management and monitoring processes.

These alternative investments produce consistent cash flow, strong ROI, and typically term for exit within three years.

Equity Investment Structure:
The investment structure shall consist of a single, Colorado limited liability company structured as a tax partnership. The members shall be the equity investor and Crescent Capital Holdings, LLC (Manager and Member). Ownership shall consist of contributed capital and a profits percentage with profits consisting of real estate operating income, option fees earned and gain on option or sale of the applicable property.

Acquired properties will be funded with equity.