Crescent Capital Holdings

Tenant Lease/Purchase Single Family Home Funds (75% LTV Financing)

Target Operating Cash Flow Return: 5%+

Target IRR: 20%+

Distribution Frequency: Quarterly

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Structure: Asset Directed Investor Owned LLC

Express Interest

Crescent Capital Holdings is now accepting a new round of capital funding partners for its residential tenant lease/purchase single family home opportunities with 75% LTV financing. The following is a brief overview of the opportunity for your review:

  • Each package consists of a group of residential properties with strong lease/purchase tenant agreements in place on or before property closing on the property with significant lease purchase option receipts;
  • We focus on properties in metro markets including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, and Cleveland; however, we will consider options in most states in the continental United States with the following exceptions: excluding California, Florida and New York. Typically, we do not acquire in markets with a population of less than 300,000;
  • Two to three-year lease purchase term A high historical percentage of tenants exercise the lease purchase by the end a two to three-year term; and
  • Integrated property management and monitoring processes.

These alternative investments produce consistent cash flow, strong ROI, and typically term for exit within three years.

Equity Investment Structure:
The investment structure shall consist of a single, Colorado limited liability company structured as a tax partnership. The members shall be the equity investor and Crescent Capital Holdings, LLC (Manager and Member). Ownership shall consist of contributed capital and a profits percentage with profits consisting of real estate operating income, option fees earned and gain on option or sale of the applicable property.

Acquired properties will be financed with recourse financing projected to be leveraged at 75% of property purchase and acquisition costs. Financing rates and costs are expected to be at current applicable market rates.