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Crescent Capital Holdings is a privately held real estate investment company that was founded in 2006 by its present CEO, JD Smith. Crescent acquires and operates attractive residential and commercial real estate opportunities throughout the United States. The company identifies specific investment strategies for each acquisition and organizes all the aspects of the investment from initial investigation and background through completion and ongoing operations. Many of Crescent’s real estate holdings are self-funded, however, Crescent does work with accredited investors and institutions to purchase real estate assets and fund various ventures. Our primary investor and partner relationships are with accredited individual investors, insurance and foundation institutions, pension and private self-directed IRAs, and private equity ventures.


Crescent assists private and institutional investors in private equity ventures to obtain favorable lending structures.

Our core acquisition principles are:


Primary focus on properties with cash-on-cash income and equity growth


Apply proven and effective funding and financing structures


Build transactions with strong exit and ROI principles.


We provide existing, seasoned, investment funding opportunities as well as funding opportunities for new lease purchase transactions. Our transactions are identified, qualified for available real estate mortgage funding and negotiated terms and conditions.


Contact Us

For inquiries relating to Crescent's nationwide holdings and investment interests, please contact Crescent directly via the following contact details:

Crescent Capital Holdings, LLC
10303 East Dry Creek Road Suite 400
Englewood, Colorado 80112 USA

(303) 867-9915 - Main
(303) 867-9916 - Fax